The Heaths and Me – Where?

August 13, 2020 – August 19, 2020 all-day
The Heaths and Me - Where?

Have you shared a photo with us yet? Help us name all the places on the Pebblebed Heaths you love to visit. Do you have a name for a special spot on the heaths that you think is unique to you, your family or friends? Is it associated with a memory, a landmark, a view or just a really, steep hill! Share an image on social media using #TheHeathsAndMe or send to

This summer we want to find out what the heaths means to the people that spend time there. For the next 5 weeks we will be asking you to share different kinds of photos to build up the story of the heaths. A selection of images will be chosen for an exhibition next year to celebrate the heaths.


How to take part

This isn’t a typical photography competition and we are not looking for the ‘perfect shot’, rather the sense of place or the moment or feeing it captures.

  • Snap a photo next time you are out on the heaths, scroll back on your phone or dig out something older from the photo album!
  • Each week look out for our social media posts, pop-up reminders across the heaths or weekly event listing on our website, to prompt you to contribute different types of image.
  • Share your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TheHeathsAndMe please set the privacy setting to public otherwise we may not be able to view your photo. Alternatively email it to please only email 1 photo (max 10MB) per week in JPG or PNG format and write ‘The Heaths and Me’ in the subject line.
  • Please include a sentence in your social media post or email to share why you chose this photo.

For more information about this exciting project please see here