Winter works begin on Dalditch plantation

Scrub clearance at Dalditch plantationIt is always a constant battle to keep our beautiful heaths free from enchroaching scrub. Although birch woodland can also provide a valuable wildlife habitat, we need to make sure that we prioritise maintaining the open heaths as this habitat is so rare in Europe. We usually undertake a programe of scrub clearnace on each of the Commons annually. Although not common land, Dalditch plantation is another site which will be the focus of our activities this winter, as it was last winter. Originally a plantation of Lodgepole pine, this site was restored to heathland over ten years ago. Much of it now looks fantastic, but there are still a number of areas where scrub is taking over again. One problem is the Lodgepole seedbank that still resides in the soil. We cleared scrub from approximately 30% of the area last year, and hope to do another big hit this year with the help of a team of volunteers. Work on this started last week and we anticipate it will be ongoing until the spring. 

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