Dartford warblers and Barn owls

The first was held on the held on Wednesday the 5th on Woodbury Common and was led by Warden Ed Lagdon. The primary aim was to get a sighting of the iconic Dartford Warbler. The weather wasn’t promising with heavy rain. and group numbers diminished as it looked as if it wouldn’t ease. Not an ideal start. However, those that persevered were treated to fine views of this enigmatic bird on Woodbury Common.

_MG_7555smallIn contrast to the preceeding meet, the second outing was held in fantastic weather on the Otter Estuary where expert birder and volunteer warden Doug Warden gave a group of eight a wonderful tour of the SSSI. From water rails to snipe and curlews, the walk revealed a high diversity of birds. Many of these were feeding on newly created scrapes dug by the Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust, advised by Doug. Although not a wetland species, the highlight of the day for many was a sighting of a roosting barn owl in an ancient, hollow black poplar. Thanks to both Doug and Ed for leading these two events.


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