Say goodbye to the Ruby Reds for another year

Taking down a temporary grazing loop 2The herd of Devon Red cattle that have been grazing Colaton Raleigh have done another fantastic job this year in opening up the mire to improve the available habitat for the rare southern damselfly. As the days draw in it's time to say goodbye to them until next spring. Last week, with the help of the those involved in the Community Payback Scheme, we took in all the fence posts for the winter. These will be stored in our yard until next summer. This job can take the better part of the day with just our own two staff focusng on the task, but with an additional nine pairs of hands light work was made of the job which took under two hours. The big task for the winter, of course, is to begin the fencing at Bicton Common to allow conservation grazing at this site too over the coming years.

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