Dog Walkers

dog walking small
Dog walkers are welcome on the Pebblebed heaths. However, there is a legal obligation to keep dogs on leads between the 1st March and the 31st July in each year so as not disturb the ground nesting birds which are intrinsic to the conservation designations.  In addition, dogs must be kept on leads in the vicinity of livestock

Other legislation applying to dogs is the Dogs (Specified Maximum) (East Devon District Council) Order 2009 which limits the maximum number of dogs that can be taken into a public place to six

Under the Fouling of Land by Dogs (East district Council) Order 2009 it is an offence for those in charge of a dog not to remove the faeces from the heaths, and it is strongly encouraged that dog owners respect the Commons and other users by complying with this law. The amount of faeces on the Commons was identified in a recent public survey as one of the things of greatest concern to the general public, and which detracts from young families visiting on a more regular basis. We are keen to ensure the use of the Commons to as broad a sector of society as possible. There is also an ecological reason for us trying to promote pickup which is that dog faeces are slowly changing the character of the Commons along the footpaths, with rarer plant species threatened due to an increase in soil fertility. 

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