Aims of Trust

Silver-studded bue smallThe primary aims of the Conservation Trust are to manage the Pebblebed heaths for the benefit of wildlife and to promote public enjoyment and appreciation of this habitat. The ecological health of the heaths are closely monitored. Although a number of the Commons which  together make up the majority of the Pebblebed heaths are now considered to be in a favourable conservation status (e.g. Woodbury and Aylesbeare) due to the efforts over the last decade of the Conservation Trust and allied conservation partners such as the RSPB,  others are still classified as ‘unfavourable recovering’. It is the Conservation Trust’s objective to ensure that the health of all the heathland under its care continues to improve so that all Commons areas are in favourable condition by 2020. The planned introduction of grazing by cattle and ponies should greatly assist in achieving this.

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